Petting a Leviathan

So this happened in the middle of the night on April 19th. Something strange that happened that night. A dream that did not really scare me but when I think of it, it surely was a scary dream. Dream: In the dream me along with others (family and friends I suppose) look down from a... Continue Reading →


Finally somebody plz tell me when is the rapture!

Rapture was a word that got into my frequently used vocabulary since the day I was born again..that would be atleast a decade ago. I was taught on rapture.. we spoke about it.. we lived in end times and still living.. and then I started listening to preachers on TV and internet. With Youtube and... Continue Reading →

The Search

"My love......" she screamed out to him on top of her voice.. it seemed as though those woods standing tall around her had heard the same scream year after year for thousands of yrs .... the saga continues... a search for true love... There was silence for a long time... She thought to herself ........ Continue Reading →

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