Fruits of wisdom: Godly v/s Worldly

Everything that we sow we will reap. Whatever we sow , we will reap. All that we sow will be reaped. And we are sowing one thing or the other all the time. There is nothing that we do not sow. Even if you feel you are sowing nothing, it still is a seed of... Continue Reading →


The Search

"My love......" she screamed out to him on top of her voice.. it seemed as though those woods standing tall around her had heard the same scream year after year for thousands of yrs .... the saga continues... a search for true love... There was silence for a long time... She thought to herself ........ Continue Reading →

The Unfolding of 11:22 and the 10:01’s- “THE MAJOR TRANSITION”

'Without Transformation there is no Transition!' If you are experiencing a transition in your life its because there has been a transformation that has taken place in your spirit. 'The transformation will be evident in your life when the Transition is completed!' Wait and go through it patiently, do not hurry...Hold on to God! A new you is evolving!

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